Postgres extension providing a bitmap type
Bitmap Struct Reference

#include <pgbitmap.h>

Data Fields

char vl_len [4]
int32 bitmin
int32 bitmax
bm_int bitset [0]

Detailed Description

A bitmap is stored as an array of integer values. Note that the size of a Bitmap structure is determined dynamically at run time as the size of the array is only known then.

Field Documentation

◆ bitmax

int32 Bitmap::bitmax

The index of the highest bit the bitmap has stored

◆ bitmin

int32 Bitmap::bitmin

The index of the lowest bit the bitmap has stored

◆ bitset

bm_int Bitmap::bitset[0]

Element zero of the array of int4 values comprising the bitmap.

◆ vl_len

char Bitmap::vl_len[4]

Standard postgres length header

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